The accommodation at Jesus is definitely amongst the best in Cambridge. In your first year, you’ll live in en-suite rooms which have recently been refurbished, which are very comfortable and also near to things in college like the library, sports facilities, common room and cafeteria. In years after the first year, you get a good choice of rooms across college and you have the option of living in your own house with a garden just across the road from Jesus. You’re accommodation is provided by college for your whole time studying here, so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off by landlords.

As well as this, all the accommodation is on-site. In some colleges, in second or third years, you need to move out to halls of residence that can be quite far away, but at Jesus you’ll always be living either inside or right outside college grounds. About two thirds of our rooms are inside college and the other third are just across the street in college owned houses.


North Court

The North Court accommodation block

Chapel Court rooms

The recently renovated Chapel Court student rooms