In terms of food, you’ve got the option of cooking for yourself in your staircase kitchen. But many people also like going to the cafeteria in Jesus (or ‘Caff’ for short). At Caff you can get lunch and dinner every day. It has really nice food and has plenty of choice. On top of that, its really cheap – costing about £2-3 for a main meal. Plus you don’t have to do the washing up which is definitely a bonus!

Cambridge colleges, including Jesus, also do something a bit special called ‘Formal Halls’. These are served, three course dinners where you dress formally. At Jesus, they are held five times a week. The food is delicious and only costs £6, so it’s really popular, especially with groups of friends celebrating special occasions like birthdays.

We’ve also got a great bar at Jesus, which students really enjoy hanging out in. It’s open all week and  it’s a fantastic place to socialise. We also hold weekly bar quizzes which can get quite competitive but are always good fun if you want to test your general knowledge.

In the daytime, the bar is open as a coffee house where you can chill or work with some great food and drinks.