These pages give information on the computing services provided by the JCSU via the JCSU SysTeam and Communications Officer.

Zeus is separate from the Jesus College IT Department. For information on services provided by College (such as connecting your computer to the network) see the IT department’s JNet pages here.

For more general information about the services provided by the University Computing Service please visit their website here.

The JCSU Server – Zeus

Zeus is the server that is run by the JCSU SysAdmins whose primary function is to host society websites (including this one!). It is a student-run machine and should not be relied upon for critical applications. It offers the following services:

Services available to individual members of the College

  • 100MB of web space (negotiable if necessary) –
  • Ability to run CGI and PHP on your web pages.
  • MySQL databases.
  • Subversion / CVS / TrustedCVS
  • Full GNU/Linux Shell Service
  • IRC Server (integrated with SRCF IRC Server)

Services available to JCSU Societies

  • 100MB of web space (negotiable if necessary) – or (with agreement of the IT department)
  • Ability to run CGI and PHP on your web pages.
  • MySQL databases
  • Subversion / CVS / TrustedCVS
  • @jesus e-mail lists
  • Friendly and helpful SysAdmins!

Getting an account

If you are an undergraduate at Jesus, then you already have an account and you can log in using your Kwok Room credentials. If this doesn’t work for you, then e-mail and ask them to investigate!

All members of the JCSU are entitled to accounts on Zeus automatically. Members of other colleges are also eligible to apply providing they have a valid CRSID from the University Computing Service (which is practically all members of the University, and practically no-one else) , a reason is required, it doesn’t have to be particularly good! Simply email your name and CRSID to and we will evaluate your request.

Zeus Account Holders

Please be aware that College have laid down a set of guidelines for users of web servers within college.

Logging into Zeus & Changing Your Password

You can access currently zeus using FTP , SFTP (secure ftp), telnet or SSH although any insecure protocols can only be used within college. SSH should be used instead of telnet wherever possible for security reasons. If you are running Microsoft Windows(TM), you can download a free SSH client called PuTTY which requires no installation or even unzipping. Mac OS X or Linux users can access SSH via the Terminal.

If you are using your Kwok room password you can change this using a Windows machine in the Kwok Room. If you have a separate zeus password, then to change it by typing zeus-passwd at the command line. (Note: The normal UNIX command passwd will not work!)

Alternatively, users can log in to the UMS (User Management System) here and change it by navigating to Account > Password.

Administration of the JCSU Web Server

The policy of the college webserver, known as Zeus, is decided upon by members of the JCSU SysTeam and the communications officer. If there is an issue with the administration please contact the Communications officer or the SysTeam. We currently have two members, so are on the look out for fresh recruits, if you’re interested please contact the SysTeam or the Communications officer.

Contact Addresses

Here’s a quick summary of who to contact and more information on how Zeus is administered.

Questions about Zeus
Get involved
Bouncing mailing from @jesus mail addresses, complaints, etc