I am Amelia, a second year English Student and the JCSU Access and Higher Education Officer for 2016. The Access Officer is responsible for outreach, wider participation, and admissions, particularly in relation to prospective applicants from a ‘non traditional’ Cambridge background. Everyone and anyone is able to Cambridge, regardless of their background, and it’s my job to make sure they are informed and empowered to be able to do so. I also work closely with the admissions team in college to help to organise and run our Access Tours in Tyne & Wear, Brent and Ealing, and Westminster; our Access Residentials, talks and open days. I am also the link between students and the college on any matters relating to higher education, whether that be bursaries, scholarships or otherwise.

If you are a prospective student or a current Jesuan,and have any questions or queries, send them to me at jcsu-access@jesus.cam.ac.uk