Hi, I’m Eddie Conway, a 2nd Year History Student, and your Mental Health and Disabilities Officer for the coming year.

My role is basically to act as a safety net for Jesuans. I work with the rest of the Welfare team to ensure that the college is as accessible and supportive as possible when it comes to disabilities, long standing mental health issues or anyone who feels they need it.

You can come to me if you need information about the support systems in place around college. Equally, I can direct you to university wide programs such as the Disability Resource Centre, who can provide help and funding in all kinds of ways, and the University Counselling Service.

I also aim to be proactive with the role, working with college to bring in some simple changes that will make it easier to study here as well as more accommodating to live here. I also would like to work towards reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and disabilities, as well as promote and participate in some wider university campaigns such as the work of the Disabled Students Campaign.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch, whether it’s about you yourself or concern for a friend. I am here above all to listen. Email me at jcsu-dis@jesus.cam.ac.uk or drop me a message on Facebook!