Hi! I’m Man Hon, a second-year Human, Social and Political Science student and I am your international student’s officer.

My main role is to support and help the international students at Jesus. Adjusting to life in Cambridge can be difficult and understanding British culture can sometimes be hard. So I am here to approach if you should face any problem!

I am also part of the Welfare team and our team will makes sure you enjoy your time here at University and be there to provide any form of support when you need it.

In addition to my specific duties, I also want to widen our community and include other colleges. Thus to that end, I will be hosting social events with other colleges, including formal swaps and possible Easter holiday events. Rest assured, these events will be open to all students, international or not.

Overall, I will ensure that the international students at Jesus have an amazing time and provide support for everyone that needs it. Thank you for letting me serve you.