Holly Bracewell – LGBT+ Officer


Hello, I’m Holly, a third year Politics and International Relations student. My role is focused on providing welfare and support for LGBT+ students and to ensure that students of any sexual orientation and/or gender identity feel welcome, represented and safe. I am therefore responsible for representing the LGBT+ students of Jesus College at JCSU meetings and beyond.

Further to this, I organise a range of events that celebrate our fantastic community. These have included relaxed catch-ups in the JCR, themed formals for over 140 guests, anonymous Queertine’s pidge messages, bar quizzes, and Candle Light Rites to name but a few! If you have any event suggests or requests, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Please, get in touch! I can be contacted via Facebook, my JCSU email or I have a weekly hour on the anonymous messaging system.