Hey, I’m Edward – a 2nd year Politics Student and the current JCSU President.

My primary role is to represent all the undergraduates at College level, sitting on College Council (the main decision-making body in College) and various other committees covering issues from student affairs to Prevent. I also attend CUSU Council, the university-wide student union, advocating for Jesuans at the university level.

On top of this, I head and coordinate the JCSU Executive Committee, helping to make sure everything is running smoothly! We meet regularly as a Committee and also give you a chance to hear about our work and ask us any questions through the General Meetings which take place throughout the term (open to all, pizza provided!)

If you have any questions, concerns, queries or comments, I’m here to help. Please feel free to contact me in person, by email at jcsu-president@jesus.cam.ac.uk or via Facebook at any time. I’m always happy to meet for a chat in Caff or go for a drink in the Bar – just let me know!

I hope your time at Jesus is as great as mine has been so far and that you’re able to make the most out of all the fantastic opportunities available here.