Hi, I’m Jamie, a 2nd year Geographer and the JCSU Secretary for 2016.
As Secretary, my job is essentially making sure that everyone in college knows what the JCSU are getting up to, as well as ensuring the JCSU is running smoothly. At each weekly JCSU meeting I will take minutes which can be found either online (jcsu.jesus.cam.ac.uk/?cat=4), inside the marked folder in the Marshall Room or in the President’s bulletin. These are the most recent record of what the JCSU is doing. As well as JCSU meetings, I also organise the college-wide OGMs and AGM where you can have your say in how the college is run.
In addition to this, I also act as the Sports & Societies Liaison Officer for college. If you want to join a club and need more information about who to contact or where they meet, just get in touch. I can also advise you on how to set up a brand new club or society at Jesus.
The best way to contact me is at jcsu-secretary@jesus.cam.ac.uk, whether it concerns what the JCSU are up to, how to put forward a motion for meetings or anything at all to do with the JCSU.

Jamie xx