Hi everyone! I’m Anand, a second year economist and the JCSU Treasurer for this year.

My role essentially involves taking care of the monetary matters for the JCSU; for now this mainly involves keeping track of the budgets of the clubs and societies within Jesus, which obtain funding through the JCSU, and reimbursing them as necessary, but which later on will focus on forming the budget that will apply to societies through most of the 2016-17 academic year.

When I’m not staring at the vast expanse of numbers in the spreadsheets I have to maintain, you can find me playing jazz music, helping organise economics talks, listening to jazz music, playing videogames and listening to more jazz music.

If you need reimbursement for a society expenditure, just pop the receipt/invoice in my pigeon hole with some note of what the expenditure is for, what society it’s for and the name of the person that needs to be paid back and I’ll get a cheque back to you hopefully within a week or two.

Finally, if you have any other budget-related questions, feel free to email me at jcsu-treasurer@jesus.cam.ac.uk