I’m Ellen, a second year historian, and this year’s Vice President on the JCSU. My role is supporting Daisy in her presidential duties, and assisting the rest of the committee. I go to CUSU (Cambridge University Students’ Union) meetings with Daisy to discuss university-wide issues on behalf of the Jesus student body, and make sure the interests of the students of our college are being represented. Informing you about any changes CUSU make that are relevant to Jesuans is also part of my role.

I am also in charge of the organisation of Halfway Hall, the dinner second years celebrate to mark being halfway through their time at Jesus, and college stash. Naturally, the sight of Jesuans rocking the red and black makes me a very happy person (if you hadn’t guessed already I am a massive fan of this college…)

The pre-OGM and AGM meetings (ordinary and annual general meetings) the JCSU are going to begin holding this year are a further thing the Vice Prez is involved in. These meetings will provide a new, informal forum for bouncing ideas off each other and clarifying what needs to be brought up at the official meetings themselves.

However, it is not just in connection to these meetings that I would your ideas, and worries or questions you might have. The JCSU are here to make your college life better – so come and talk to me in person or email me at any time at jcsu-vice-president@jesus.cam.ac.uk if there is anything I can do to help.