Alex 7

Alex Rowe – Women’s Officer

Hi, I’m Alex, a second year historian. My role as Women’s Officer involves representing the interests and concerns of all self-identifying women and non-binary people in college. I work with Fellows, staff, the rest of the JCSU and the student body to ensure that Jesus is a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of their gender identity. This includes facilitating safe and inclusive spaces for women and non-binary people, implementing sexual harassment and misconduct policies in college and across the university, running consent workshops for Freshers, and more generally campaigning alongside the Women’s Campaign to dismantle the structures that disadvantage women and non-binary people in Cambridge. If you have any concerns or ideas for change to do with gender inclusivity and equality at Jesus or at the university as a whole, please get in touch! I’m also a first port of call for students who have experienced sexual harassment or assault; if you want advice about making a complaint, or just to talk about next steps, my email address is: