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What JCN is

  • JCN is a society for people interested in computing, run by a committee of very friendly people.
  • JCN is an affiliated society of the JCSU.
  • JCN promotes the efficient and effective uses of computers for all, by means of education and user support.
  • JCN maintains Kwok Linux, a Linux system for use in the College computer room.
  • JCN maintains the various email terminals around the College.
  • JCN is also involved in the projects listed here.

What JCN is not

  • JCN does not maintain the NT machines in the Kwok room, they are the responsibility of the IT department.
  • JCN is not responsible for the content of the JCSU web site.
  • JCN does not own zeus (a.k.a. www-jcsu). zeus is the JCSU web server, whose administrators are appointed by the jesus-jcsu-web@lists.cam.ac.uk mailing list.
  • JCN is not a subversive organisation with plans for world domination.

How to get involved

If you have an idea for something that college lacks, then get in touch about starting a new project. Even if you don't think your computing skills are up to the task, one of JCN's main aims is to enhance the computing knowledge and skills of all members of college so we'll put you in touch with people who can help and support you.

Alternatively, if you're interested in an existing project then e-mail the contact address. We're also looking for knowledgeable people to give seminars and join our help team (jcn-help@jesus.cam.ac.uk).

Finally, if you have any questions at at all, the committee are really quite friendly people, so send them an e-mail.

Further information

You may wish to read the society's:

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