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This is a list of the projects that members of JCN are working on. It is meant as a way for people to find out who is in charge of what so they can get more involved. If you have any other ideas for things that you are interested in, and would like to see other people get involved, please email the committee at jcn-student-committee@jesus.cam.ac.uk .

Project title Who to contact More information
Seminars JCN Education Officer Timetable for Seminars
Supercomputer csr21 Supercomputer Introduction
JCSU WebSite update system jcn-zeus-admin@jesus.cam.ac.uk Web Server Information
Trusted CVS Implementation mk270 CVS documentation.
Washing Machine status page Committee Further Details
MUD project jcn-mud@jesus.cam.ac.uk Further Details
Web-based (financial) accounts jcn-wacc@jesus.cam.ac.uk Further Details

Old projects

Project title Who to contact More information
Unix Documentation dmi1000
Software for devolving JCSU website pages to anyone. Hack the existing Replies and Comments part of JCSU pages to show if/how many threads exist for each news item csr21 mk270 Web Server Information
JaNet Charging data (no longer relevant since JaNet no longer charges by traffic) gsb29  

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