Hey guys! My name’s Ore and I’m a Nigerian-British first year HSPS student and your Racial Equalities Officer for 2016.

I’m here to help deal with any issues of racial injustice or bigotry that may occur in college, whether it’s an unfunny joke or something more serious than that. Most importantly, as part of the welfare team, I’m here to offer an open ear if you ever fancy a chat because I for one know that being an ethnic minority, your experience of Cambridge can be a bit different at times.

As promised, I’d also love to organise cute stuff like swaps for BME Jesuans because I know I would’ve loved to have some of these as a fresher in particular and I understand that meeting other people you share experiences with can be quite uplifting. I’m also here to direct you to all the avenues available for this kind of support for example, I personally love Fly, the CUSU BME women’s camapign.

When I’m not JCSUing, I’m May Ball planning, or coxing, or sometimes debating, or all-nightering because HSPS is so super unforgiving. Okay enough about me. Massive thank yous to the Jesuans who elected me. I’ll try my very best to make you proud!

Peace xx