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BT Voyager 220v Unlock

Pictures of Voyager 220V modem

This page is for people wishing to use their BT Voyager 220V VoIP modem with internet service providers other than BT Broadband. For an easy life just scroll down to the firmware download section and follow the instructions. At this time using the VoIP features is not discussed.

Have fun!

Why alternative firmware is needed

From version 3.01z (and possibly earlier) onwards the BTR firmware for BT Voyager 220V modems no longer supported ISP usernames that did not match a whitelist contained within the device. The firmware images below have been modified to remove this restriction.

If you have an ISP that does not use PPP (for example O2 Broadband) you may not need this firmware because it is only pppd that has restrictions.

Update: I recently learn firmware with the BBV suffix does not appear to have any locking. Therefore I recommend using this unmodified firmware.

Further Information

For people wanting more than just getting their modem to work:

Firmware Download

Download the firmware version you would like to use. Usually the most recent is best (unless it has only been tested a little).

Version Upload Date Notes Changes
SIP BTR v3.01z-unlock 2007-03-07 Download (3MB)  
SIP BTR v3.03c-unlock 2007-03-08 Download (3MB)  
SIP BTR v3.03c-unlock2 2007-05-03 Download (3MB) CHANGELOG
SIP BBV v3.30m 2007-12-01 [1] Download (3MB) None made
SIP BBV v3.30r 2009-02-03 [1] Download (3MB) None made


  1. After upgrading to 3.30m/3.30r BTR or BBV you can no longer downgrade to a version prior to 3.30m because the FlashLayout version in the firmware header has gone from 4 to 5. Only upgrade if don't need to go back!

route2030.co.uk also offers modified 220V firmware for download. md5sum shows this is simply my version 3.03c-sip_btr-unlock unnecessarily packaged in a ZIP archive with no credit given. I politely suggest you use only the firmwares downloaded from here - ACW, 2007-05-03.

The over to you section!

Q: Do you know the difference between SIP BTR and SIP BBV firmware versions? I believe that BTR version ship on units supplied to home users and BBV is for business users.

Q: eBay has auctions selling Voyager 220v modems unlocked with what the seller calls "unlock codes". I suspect they are simply using older firmware and the unlock promise is a fraud. Do you know otherwise?

I can be contacted if you have any comments.


Many people have helped me get this far. Most without realising it...

Disclaimer: These firmwares work for me. However I cannot be responsible for the consequences of using these unofficial upgrades. If you get into trouble BT will not help you. I will try to assist where possible but my time is limited.

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