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Welcome to my personal website. This site is put together by me, Curon Wyn Davies, a second year (Part 1B) undergraduate, reading Computer Science at Jesus College, Cambridge. During Part 1A I was reading Mathematics, but decided a change was needed. This site is only in it's early stages of devolopment; future improvements will (hopefully) be done regularly. Here you will find information about me, and various other things that I have written for you to see and use. If you have any comments about anything on this website, then please email me,

At the moment, I only have a perl script on my website, but more will be added soon! The script is only useful if you're within the CUDN, since "finger" can't be done from outside to within the CUDN (Cambridge University Data Network). The perl script can be found here.

This site is mirrored on the SRCF, for more information, see:

Links to some friends websites:
Tom W Scholl, David J Simner

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