Setting up NFS root Debian-ARM on a Risc PC

The Debian GNU/Linux ARM port now provides the same stability and ease of maintenance for ARM machines that other architectures have enjoyed for some time. This document describes how to set up Debian-ARM on your Acorn Risc PC without having to repartition the local hard disc, and is aimed particularly at those who already use Debian on another architecture.

Instructions for installing Debian on a Risc PC's local storage have been written by Peter Naulls.



What if the kernel image doesn't work?

Hm. Well, then things get interesting. What I did myself, when I found that the autobuilder ARM kernel images had NFS compiled as a module (not very helpful in this context), was to compile a new kernel on a machine that already had a working crosscompiler to ARM. Or, at least, that's what I did after several abortive attempts to build my own crosscompiler from sources. In the meantime, though, Matthew Garret's built some Debian packages for crosscompiling to ARM; see his cross-compilation page. If you don't have a Debian system to hand, the generally recommended source of information on building a cross-compiler with an ARM target seems to be Chris Rutter's toolchain guide.

Moray Allan <>, 22 March 2000

With thanks to Timothy Baldwin, Matthew Garrett, Peter Naulls, Russell King, Jim Pick, Chris Rutter, Linus Torvalds, and many others.