Complain to the Manciple

You've got something to complain about. Perchance your bike has broken down for the thirteenth time this term. Or you've just been to Sainsburys and they've sold out of mini-muffins despite it only being 21:52. Maybe you've just realised that cosmology is all made up and you've wasted the last three years of your life studying it. Perhaps you ate some food from a kebab van whilst still sober. Most likely you've noticed that it's three in the morning and you haven't achieved anything yet today. In any case you need somebody to complain to. Who you gonna call?

No, try again...

That's right of course, the Manciple! Merely whisper a word in his shell-like and Mark Blandford-Baker1 will appear, gown-clad and omnipotent, to save the day! And now, for your greater comfort and convenience, this invaluable service is available online. Merely fill in your complaint below and, at the speed of light, your message will fly to the Manciple's personal 24 hour hotline2.

Your name:

I want to complain about...

Some previous complaints to the Manciple can be found here, along with some of the problems he's solved.

  1. Yes, I know MB-B isn't the manciple any longer. But he's the canonical manciple to complain to.
  2. No guarentee is made that every message will reach the manciple. Messages may be delayed in the post. You may enter at no cost by sending a stamped addressed envelope to "" Jesus College Jesus Lane Cambridge. Only one entrance per envelope. Your statutory rights are not affected. Do not attempt to use whilst under the influence of prescribed drugs, if pregnant or of a nervous disposition. Do not inflate your manciple whilst still inside the aircraft. Warning - the manciple may contain nuts.

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