1. Privacy policy

By using the anonymous messaging service, you agree to our privacy policy (which has been adapted from Sidney Sussex Student Union).

Anonymous chat (further referred to as ‘the service’) is provided by the JCSU subject to the following terms and conditions. You as the initiator will begin the conversation, indicating agreement to the terms and conditions and consent to your data being handled in the manner described.


The College Welfare Team is committed to providing its members with support in all areas pertaining to their academic and welfare needs.
The College Welfare Team is a confidential service but confidentiality may be widened to the Student Advice Service (CUSU-GU Welfare and Rights Officer, CUSU Education Officer, CUSU Women’s Officer and CUSU-GU Student Advisors); nothing told to the College Welfare Team Officers, or the Student Advice Service Officers, will be revealed to anyone outside the service without the individual’s express permission, except in certain situations as listed below.
Both the College Welfare Team and the Student Advice Service believe that all students have the right to this confidentiality in order to feel that they can trust the Welfare Team and Student Advice Service.
The College Welfare Team and Student Advice Officers may share some information about a service user amongst themselves, if they believe this is in the user’s best interest or if it is appropriate. This will remain confidential within the group.

Breaching Confidentiality

In very rare circumstances it may be necessary to break confidentiality. There are only two situations in which confidentiality will be breached:
i. Where there appears to be a serious and imminent risk to the student’s own or to others’ safety, for example suicide;
ii. Where the law requires disclosure for the prevention and detection of terrorism;
Breaching confidentiality will only be done in extreme cases, and when those Officers involved believe it is in the student user’s best interest to do so. If confidentiality is to be breached and there is time, College Officers should consult the Student Advice Service and other members of the College Welfare team and ask for their advice.

Ultimately it is up to the Officer involved to make the final decision as to whether confidentiality should be breached under the requirements made above. Wherever possible, the student in question will be informed that a breach is necessary and asked for their consent.
The breach of confidentiality will be recorded with the following information provided:
i. Name of the student and a brief outline of the situation, specifying the reason that confidentiality is being breached;
ii. Who has been asked for advice before making this decision;
iii. What would be achieved by breaching confidentiality;
iv. To whom confidentiality has been breached.


The service acts to anonymise each initiator by allocating them a unique, randomly generated access code. The service itself does not store any information regarding each initator’s access, however web server logs may capture the source IP address and machine characteristics of the initiator’s computer. Pairing the pieces of information would be most likely impossible to achieve and in any case would provide very little detail of who made the request as IP addresses are randomly allocated and hidden within a large network (such as Jesus College).
In any case JCSU will never undertake any effort to pair conversations with stored logs and will take actions as far as possible to prevent such an activity taking place.

Data Storage

All communications you have with a member of the JCSU Welfare team through the service will be stored on a secure server, with access limited to only the College Welfare team and site administrators. Site administrators only have access to the server to perform maintenance and essential upkeep, and will at no point view the confidential chat logs.