Dear Friends,


In the wake of the national lockdown announcement, I want to reassure you all that we are working hard to make sure your experience will be as positive as possible, regardless of whether or not you choose to stay in Cambridge. The core message of this email is: put your health first (mental and physical!) and be responsible and look after yourself! We’ll get through this together and we are here to talk and represent you if you need anything!

It’d be really great if you could fill in this quick survey about how College is supporting students and a few other things ❤


College Council Elections

Please find the manifestos for Thursday’s College Council elections attached. Hustings will take place for these elections on Wednesday 4th November at 6pm. They will last approximately 30-40 minutes. The election will take place between 07:00 and 22:00 (GMT) on Thursday 5th November. Happy voting!



From this Thursday at 00:01 couples who do not live together will no longer be allowed to visit each other inside of their houses. They will only be allowed to see each other outside in a distanced manner. Thus, unless you live with your partner when the lockdown starts, you will not legally be able to see them indoors for the duration of the four weeks. Also, please note that cleaners and other College staff will generally not be entering households for the duration of the four weeks and as such College is relying on you to keep your houses clean, as they will not be able to monitor the inside of your household for the duration of the lockdown.


Moving Home

Some of you will choose to move home given the effect a lockdown in Cambridge may have on your mental health and welfare, or for other reasons e.g. some international students returning home. If this is the case, there is a process to follow and students should contact their Directors of Studies. We do not presume to know that it is best for each and every student to stay in Cambridge. Please note that the JCSU has been advised that evidence (e.g. a doctor’s note) for leaving Cambridge can be provided to College retrospectively if it cannot be obtained before you have left Cambridge. If you do decide to go home, it is unlikely you will be allowed back this term (because of govt. rules). See the Senior Tutor’s message for more information.

If you do choose to stay, College will do its utmost to support you in the lockdown (and beyond, if you choose to stay during the vacation). We have a comprehensive set of welfare services, self-isolation support and the JCSU is hoping that the library and other College facilities will remain open. Please do not feel pressured to stay or to go, instead, do what is best for you and those close to you.


Supporting your mental health and welfare in lockdown and isolation

The JCSU wants to do everything it can, and encourage College to do everything it can, to support the mental health and welfare of our community over the next four weeks and beyond. You can give us feedback about what we can be doing better in the survey above! We know this is really tough – so please get in contact with the Welfare Team, the Welfare Tutors, your DoS or the College Counsellor if you want to talk things through.



Many students are struggling with work at the moment, and it is clear that this will get worse with the lockdown coming into effect. The JCSU is pushing College to reduce workloads, but in the meantime please, please feel empowered to ask your supervisors to give extensions, reduce workload or change expectations if you are feeling behind. Often this can be a good way to set your mind at rest on a particular piece of work rather than playing catchup all term. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good!


JCSU Love,

Aurelio and the Committee ❤