Dear Friends,

I’m writing to give you an idea of how planning for reopening is happening in College.

There hasn’t been much to write home about from College during lockdown, since everyone’s efforts have been consumed by planning for next term, but as restrictions start to be lifted, we’ll be able to update you about what the reopening of College will look like. College has been putting a huge amount of effort into planning a phased reopening of its services. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on next term is likely to be significant. There are student, Fellow and staff representatives on a College-convened regular meeting looking at changing Government guidance and how it might impact the College.

At the heart of this planning is the student experience and student welfare. JCSU and MCR representatives are speaking up for students in College committees to ensure that, no matter the restrictions next term, life is as normal as possible and impact to students is minimised. College is acutely aware that even two or three disrupted terms represent a big proportion of our time at Cambridge, so we’re working to minimise this disruption!

Almost all of the planning is contingent on different levels of restrictions from the Government, which means (frustratingly!) that most questions about what next term will look like have the answer of “It depends!”, but if you have specific questions – reply to this email and I might be able to give you a rough idea.

The FAQs page on JNET is a really good resource for any queries you may have.

In the meantime, if you have any questions/concerns about next term, the current situation, or anything else, reply to this email! You can also submit anonymously here.

JCSU love,

Aurelio and the Committee