College Council

College Council is the governing body of College, making all final decisions which are likely to have a significant impact on Members. The Council consists of fellows and students. Elections for College Council representatives take place at the same time as the JCSU elections; usually towards the end of first term.

The role of College Council is described in the same section of the College Statutes: The Council shall have the control and management of all the affairs of the College except such as these Statutes expressly provide shall be otherwise determined.

So, some quite important decisions are made by Council and we are the only way your interests can be represented. We feel that this fact should be more widely known throughout College, as it is rarely the case that decisions are made without some sort of consultation with all members of College. Decisions aren’t imposed upon you as much as you might think!

The minutes and agenda of every meeting are displayed in the Quincentenary Library on the noticeboard beside the Creswick Room (1st floor, East side of Library) and also on JNet (go to Committees > Council).

Also, if there are any issues or suggestions you would like to be raised by us at Council meetings, please drop us an email. We’ll decide whether it’s appropriate for Council and, if it is, get it on the Agenda for the next meeting. If it isn’t we’ll pass it on to the relevant party and let you know.