Sport is at the heart of our community

With football, rugby, cricket and hockey pitches as well as squash and tennis courts all found on site, no college is more conveniently placed for sports. This is reflected in our impressive sporting record, with our teams always performing well in the intercollege leagues that take place every year.

Novice or pro, there is a sport for you

Although Jesus is known as a sporty college, you do not need to be sporty to apply here! Indeed, many students take up completely new sports in their time here - no matter what ability level you are, there will be a team for you.

The Boat Club is the largest society in college

Most students try the sport at some point in their time at Jesus. Everyone is welcome to row for JCBC - especially those who have never rowed before and want to try one of the most welcoming and exciting sports in Cambridge. The sport itself is great; you’ll learn an exciting new skill, make new friends and get a taste of a unique Cambridge tradition as well as keeping fit alongside your academic studies

Not just the game; socials, stash and squad spirit

Whatever sport you decide to take up (or not), there will also be a thriving social side. Socials are frequent and varied, ranging from bar crawls and BBQs to swaps (meals with other colleges) and black tie dinners. These help to form friendships within teams, which always improves performance in the sport. Most sports also give you the opportunity to purchase branded merchandise (called 'stash' in Cambridge) which you will wear around with pride!