Sports & Societies

One of the very best aspects of college life is the chance to get involved in activities outside of your degree, and that’s why we’re proud of the wide range of clubs and societies offered by Jesus College.

If you can’t find the society or club that you’re looking for in college, you have the freedom to establish one yourself, and receive both recognition and funding from college. All you need is the enthusiasm and drive to get it off the ground!

For any questions regarding sports and societies at Jesus College, send an email to the JCSU Secretary via For information on society email addresses, see the bottom of this page.

Find below a list of some of the various clubs and societies at Jesus:

Sports Club Captain
Athletics Chizute Ogbedeh (cno22)
Badminton Men’s 1s Prabav Santhosh Kumar (ps924)
2s Kathryn Welhenage (kw576)
Women’s Kathryn Welhenage (kw576)
Basketball Uday Singh (rg638)
Climbing Ines Lau Vazquez (il333), Ria Bacharach (reib2)
Cricket Aditya Mishra (am3076)
Football Men’s 1s Boris Spasojevic (bs738)
Men’s 2s Abhi Sundaram (as3350) & Will Galloway (wsg22)
Men’s 3s Dom Swift (dds37)
Women’s Leah Neves Gomes (ln372) & Neve Story (ns892)
Hockey Jacob Harmison (jh2344)
Lacrosse Thea Watts (tw564) & Georgia Baker (gb701)
Netball Women’s Georgia Baker (gb701)
Mixed Harry Marsh (henm2) & Liv Fitzpatrick (of269)
Pool George Murphy (gm733)
Rounders Georgia-Mae Roots (gmr45) & Serena Warwick-Yamamoto (skw41)
Rowing President Rachel Gould (rg638)
Men’s + President Ruari McColl (rjm273,
Women’s Sarah Sharp (svs33,
Men’s Lower Boats Barney Watts (bw477), Ben Jones (bj323)
Women’s Lower Boats Sara Crozier (sgc48), Izzi Millar (im539)
Rugby Charles Kantolinna (ck611)
Squash (Mixed) Luca De Flammineis (ld640)
Tennis Max Silin (ms2918)
Ultimate Frisbee Luke Piggott (lp617), Jago Foord (jf754)
Volleyball Mason Frudd (mf748)
Water Polo Yuval Weiss (yw580)



Society President
Ambassadors Stephen Fajemilusi (sf714)
Art Fatami Eshani (fe258)
BBQ Soc James Bacon (jb2372)
Chess Arushi Ramaiya (ar2180)
Christian Union (JCCU) David Willis (dw640)
Crochet Lakshana Gunathilagan (lg544)
Drama Amenie Groves (ag2300) & Max Woodward (mw887)
Economics Ruari McColl (rjm273)
Eliot’s Face Kieran Leete (kl583) & Somdatta Chakraborty (sc2369)
Engineering Khalid Omar (ko366)
FemSoc Tara Buxton (tib23)
Geographical Society Aidan Crowson (arsac2)
Golf Tim Andrew (tja49)
Harry Soc Harry Ratcliffe (hr473)
Jesus African Fund (JAF) Edward Badege (enb37) & Stephen Fajemilusi (sf714)
Jews for Jesus (JSoc) Zev Menachemson (zm329) & Hannah Benaim (hmbb2) & Josh Kaye (jok27)
John Hughes Art Festival (JHAF) April Egan (ame59)
Law Vialli McComb (vm437)
LGBTQ+ Soc Sarah Marsh (sm2719)
May Ball Kian Cross (kc642)
MedSoc Mia Barnes (mgb54) & Liv Fitzpatrick (of269)
Miniature Painting Society Neve Story (ns892)
MML Soc Aimee Jones (alhj2)
Multicultural Society Haajrah Ashraf (ha519)
Music (JCMS) Michael D’Avanzo (md961) & Annie Stedman (as3083)
Natural Sciences Soc Stephen Fajemilusi (sf714) & Edward Badege (enb37)
Play Reading Eliza Ousey (eo390) & Mabel van Zwanenberg Rouse (mv547)
Sports Colours Mason Frudd (mf748)

Email addresses

There are two types of email addresses: forwarders and lists. Forwarders are for addresses which point to one or two people (eg and lists are for addresses which go to more than a couple of people (eg

Forwarders can be set up for you by the JCSU webmaster.

You can apply for a list yourself at Most other Jesus lists start ‘jesus-‘ so they’re obviously lists to do with the college.