Committee 2021

Role Name CRSid (… JCSU Email (…
President Jacob Powell jp869 president
Vice President Estelle Cho Lin Wing ec715 vice-president
Secretary Lewis Westwood Flood lw664 secretary
Treasurer Matthew Chan mkhc3 treasurer
Male Welfare Angus Harron ah2024 angus
Female Welfare Eva Timlin et455 eva
Women’s & NB Officer Mojola Akinyemi ma879 womens
Mental Health and Disabilities Officer Katherine Harris kjh62 mhdis
ERM Officer Imran Mulla im490 erm
LGBT+ Officer Jack Ward jw2178 lgbt
Access Officer Robyn Briggs rmb203 access
Services Officer Will Zeng wz316 services
Communications Officer Victoria Adjei vaaa2 communications
Freshers’ Officer Bella + Maddie ikm22, mm2509 freshers
Ents Officers Ben + Cian bm585, cjf65 ents
International Students’ Officer Tara Khanna tk581 int
Green Officer Ellie Doran esd33 green

Committee 2020 [to be updated with 2021 committee asap]

The committee is elected every year at the end of Michaelmas Term. The president is elected first, followed by the rest of the committee. Everyone standing participate in a hustings - an event where candidates give a short speech and are asked a few questions.

Feel free to contact any committee member at any time. We are here to support you!