Committee 2021

The committee is elected every calendar year at the end of Michaelmas Term. The president is elected first, followed by the rest of the committee. Everyone standing participate in a hustings - an event where candidates give a short speech and are asked a few questions.

Feel free to contact any committee member at any time. We are here to support you!

Role Name CRSid (… JCSU Email (…
President Jacob Powell jp869 president
Vice President Estelle Cho Lin Wing ec715 vice-president
Secretary Lewis Westwood Flood lw664 secretary
Treasurer Matthew Chan mkhc3 treasurer
Male Welfare Angus Harron ah2024 angus
Female Welfare Eva Timlin et455 eva
Women’s & NB Officer Mojola Akinyemi ma879 womens
Mental Health and Disabilities Officer Katherine Harris kjh62 mhdis
ERM Officer Imran Mulla im490 erm
LGBT+ Officer Jack Ward jw2178 lgbt
Access Officer Robyn Briggs rmb203 access
Services Officer Will Zeng wz316 services
Communications Officer Victoria Adjei vaaa2 communications
Freshers’ Officer Bella + Maddie ikm22, mm2509 freshers
Ents Officers Ben + Cian bm585, cjf65 ents
International Students’ Officer Tara Khanna tk581 int
Green Officer Ellie Doran esd33 green