Accommodation at Jesus is amongst the best in Cambridge

In your first year, you’ll live in a comfortable room in either Chapel Court, North Court or Library Court. They are near to things in college like the library, sports facilities, JCR and caff. All rooms are well furnished and heated – Cambridge gets cold in winter! There is fast internet, access to showers, laundry facilities and basic kitchens. Rents, paid termly, are based on each room’s size and facilities.

See tours of the room below.

On-site accommodation is provided throughout your time

In later years, there is a good choice of rooms across college, including staircases in Chapel Court, North Court and Second Court or houses on Jesus Lane or Malcom Street. The JCSU run the yearly rooming ballot that decides where you, and your friendship group, live in the following year. Unlike some colleges, the ballot is completely random – there is no ranking based on academic performance.

North Court

North Court has large ensuite rooms with full length windows and often balconies.

Chapel Court

Chapel Court has recently renovated rooms with modern features in traditional buildings.

Library Court

Library Court has large, light, modern ensuite rooms with views of the College or Jesus Lane.

Second Court

At the centre of College, Second Court has a handful of rooms in traditional staircases with beautiful views.

Jesus Lane House

Jesus Lane Houses are opposite college and have gardens and full kitchen facilities.

Malcom Street House

Malcom Street Houses are 2 minutes from college and have gardens and full kitchen facilities.