College Colours

Decades ago, the once highly regarded award of College Colours was lost from Jesus, why shall remain a mystery. College Colours were given to members of College that had contributed exceptionally to College sports in a sporting or non-sporting capacity, rewarding both excellence and contribution.

It is often the case that an individual, through both dedication and sporting excellence, can transform an unorganised ensemble into a winning team. It is such individuals that have ensured Jesus College’s continued superiority through its history, individuals that are more often than not, left with little or no formal recognition once their tenure at college ends. It is then a pity that a once highly prized award such as College Colours should be forgotten. To ensure the recognition of such individuals, the Jesus College Sports Committee was re-established in 2017.

The committee, made up of all acting college first team captains (including mixed, men’s, women’s and the boat club) and the committee president, vote for around three male and three female recipients alongside a new committee president, to receive College Colours. Anyone in College is eligible to receive an award, with approximately 6 people each year being selected. The award intends to recognise the cumulative contributions and achievements of individuals to college sport and as such, most recipients are expected to be in their final year. Awardees, further to the recognition itself, have the opportunity to purchase a Jesus College Colours blazer to wear at their leisure, as was tradition.

President: Miles Stopher.

Awardees: Charlotte Jackson, Christina Lane, Harry Roocroft, Henry Miller, Katy Edwards, Tom Atherton, Tom O’Loughlin

1) Harry Roocroft (2011) – For his contributions to football, rowing and

2) Tom Atherton (2011) – For his contributions to hockey, badminton,
squash and racketlon.

3) Christina Lane (2013) – For her contributions to football and badminton

4) Charlotte Jackson (2012) – For her contributions to rowing and squash

5) Katy Edwards (2015) – 2018 Sports Committee President – For her contributions to football

6) Tom O’Loughlin (2011)
– For his contributions to football, badminton and sports administration

7) Henry Miller (2012)
– For his contributions to lacrosse, squash, football and rowing

President: Katy Edwards.

Awardees: Toby Twentyman, Callum McCarthy, Matthew Daggitt, Abigail Smith, Izabela Kujawiak, Timothy Nugent

1. Toby Twentyman (2016): Award for his contributions to Rugby.
Toby has been an integral part of the Jesus Rugby Club the last two years captaining the team this year in a highly successful campaign. He has and continues to devote a huge amount of time and effort to the team even when following significant personal injury.

2. Callum McCarthy (2015): Award for his contributions to Football and Basketball.
Callum has played every football match for the 1st team in his three years at the college as well as being a regular player for the MCR team often playing 2 matches in a weekend. He is an incredibly committed and talented player winning cuppers last year and always being the first pick for any team sheet. Alongside this he also captains the Jesus College Basketball team organising weekly training and matches.

3. Matthew Daggitt (2011): Award for his contributions to Badminton, Table Tennis and Racketlon
Matthew is truly a racket-sport master. He’s been a key part of the Badminton team for the last 7 years showing incredible commitment, taking on leadership roles such as captain and president, and excellence, winning 3 cuppers and 5 league titles. Alongside Badminton Matt also captains the Jesus College Table Tennis and Racketlon clubs.

4. Abigail Smith (2015): Award for her contributions to Rowing
Abigail has rowed for Jesus every term for the last 3 years and has been a true asset to every crew she has been part of. As well as being part of the most successful women’s second boat in recent history in her first year, last year Abi captained the women’s first boat to not only defend their Headship in Lent Bumps but also achieve May’s headship becoming the only Jesus Women’s boat and one of only 5 crews in history to achieve double headship – a truly incredible achievement requiring remarkable dedication, commitment and leadership skills. She has continued to show commitment to the club again this year as part of W1 wining the Fairbairn cup in Michaelmas and successfully defending headship at Lent and May bumps.

5. Izabela Kujawiak (2012): Award for her contributions to Badminton
Izabela has been an invaluable member of the Ladies Badminton Team since 2013, making significant contributions as both captain, social secretary, and player. She has helped the women’s team achieve 7 consecutive league titles (the longest winning streak of any team of either gender in any college) and 4 cuppers victories (3 women’s, 1 mixed). She has shown incredible dedication to the team frequently driving back to Cambridge from placements all over East Anglia to play matches.

6. Timothy Nugent (2015) – Sports Committee President 2018/19: Award for his contributions to Rowing
Timothy has rowed for the men’s first boat for all three of his years at college and has dedicated a huge amount of time and effort both as a rower and as boat club president last year (2016-17). This year he was part of the incredibly successful University boat club being selected as part of the spare pair after narrowly missing out on the second boat (Goldie). Despite the incredible time commitments this imposed he kept a keen interest in the College boat club and returned to row with M1 for May bumps where he helped the crew bump up.

President: Tim Nugent

Awardees: James Douie, Manu Ratnayake, Alex Osborne, Emma Catlow, Lara Tritton, Claire Glanville

The recipients of Colours for 2019-2020 are:

Cara Brownen-James
Ed Hyde
Harriet Pinto
Hannah Sanderson
Jakub Priban
Meredydd Kippax-Jones
Patrick Merchant

President: Lara Tritton

President: Will Davison

The recipients of Colours for 2021-2022 are:

Euan Dobb
Leon Dailani
Andrew te Water Naude
Kaya Hardie
Izzy Boothroyd
Ria Bacharach

President: Libby Bryant

The recipients of Colours for 2022-2023 are:

Cai La Trobe-Roberts
Harry Marsh
Ruary McColl
Liv Fitzpatrick
Mia Barnes
Jenni Morris

President: Lucy Wang