JCR Booking

The JCR is the common room at Jesus for all undergraduates. It is currently located in Second Court, below the Coleridge room.

It can be booked for use by JCSU-affliated clubs and societies, or university societies if at least one Jesuan is present.

Please use the form below to make a booking. You will receive an email calendar invite when your booking is confirmed. If you don't hear anything after two days, send an email directly to secretary@jcsu.jesus.cam.ac.uk.

In your booking request, please give the following additional information: date/times (i.e Wednesday 6-7pm) and regularity (i.e. every week).

    Turnaround on bookings is at least 24 hours. If the JCR is free during the hours you want to book and you need to book it on the day, JUST TURN UP! If there is no booking, then it's open to everyone.


    If two bookings are made for the same time, priority may be given to JCSU affliated societies, even if a university society has placed a booking beforehand. The secretary will consider the impact of cancelling the event for the previous booking, and the needs of both societies. An explanation will be provided by email for any cancelled bookings.

    We may also cancel bookings where other events or obligations require to the room to be free.

    Bookings calendar