Food from Caff is cheap but delicious

Although all staircases have a well-equipped kitchen, most students go to ‘caff’ for meals - the Jesus cafeteria. Lunch and dinner is cooked everyday and there is always a great choice available, with meals costing between £2-3. Caff is a very social occasion - chatting with friends until the the cafeteria staff kick you out at closing time!

Formal Hall is one of the most memorable parts of the Cambridge experience

Five days a week, at 7.30pm, Formal Hall begins. These are served, three course dinners where you dress formally. The food is delicious and only costs £7 (which is one of the cheapest among colleges), so it’s really popular, especially with groups of friends celebrating special occasions like birthdays.

A fantastic place to socialise with a Jesus College Beer in hand 

JBar, the newly refurbished college bar, is open every night of the week and often full of chatter among friends. There is a huge range of drinks available, both alcoholic and soft, including beers brewed in Jesus itself which always prove to be a hit with students.

The Roost is a chilled out coffee house popular among students and staff alike

In the daytime, the bar is open as a coffee house called The Roost. Alongside drinks, there is a wide range of sweet and savoury snacks available, from salads to sandwiches and cakes to millionaire shortbread. Students and staff both love working in The Roost and is a great place to read a book or understand a concept.