Danny McGrath (President)

Hazel Jackson (Vice President)

Theo Morris Clarke (Treasurer)

Rebecca Zhao (Secretary)

Dan Hunt (Services)

James Swaden and Kitty James (Ents)

Jane Baxter (Green)

Anthony Wheeler (LGBT)

Freddie Valetta (Male welfare)

Aiden Goulden (Access)

Sarah Glew (Mental Health and Disabilities)

Charlotte Jackson (Female welfare)

Tim Kitching (Communications)

Katherine Lee (International and Racial affairs)



Julien Cohen (International and Racial affairs)- Apologies sent


JCSU dinner with master

DM: Everyone keep 25th November free for this event, do we want to have lounge suit or black tie?

Committee: Black tie

Wesley House planning committee

DM: Ideally need 3 volunteers to help design the new JCR space, should be a day of meetings, date so far unknown

Dan, Aiden, Charlotte and Tim all volunteer


Societies photos

DH: Still some seem to be missing and so getting more printed off, some remain to be distributed


DM: Want to get this organised soon as will take a while

HJ: Intend to stick with supplier Mary used last year (Suffolk insignia) as quality was good. Probably won’t order onesies this year as didn’t sell many last year, potentially introducing a skinny tie?


OGM motions and Budget

TMC: Need to get budget done soon so ideally can we organise an OGM for later this week

BZ: Constitution wise need to give people 3 days and will have to check Coleridge room availability so probably next week is soonest

JS: Need to pay DJ for first bop (£70) so will forward invoice onto  Theo

SG: Going to also propose a motion for all members of college being able to vote for both male and female welfare officer

AG: May motion to disaffiliate from CUSU – don’t like being associated with them

Week 5 welfare fun and formals

CJ: Keen to do a bacon event

JS: Too salty, what about vegetarians

HJ: Pancakes? But a faff to make, could organise with caff and then host in the marshall room

CJ: Budget wouldn’t fund that

JK: Karaoke and food in the bar/ Coleridge room

SG: Issues selling food in the bar which isn’t bought from college re Health and Safety

JS: Saturday night is ideal as people don’t seem to have much going on

FV: Welfare team would be happy to help organise event

DM: Need a Harry Potter formal- close to Christmas

JS: Yes, Porter wants to get owls to fly around too

DM: Domestic bursar is the one to contact, also need to think about Christmas bop

SG: Santas grotto in it


DM: Need to organise an AGM for the week following the 6th Sunday of term, can we also get a working version of the constitution put on the JCSU website Tim? Standing orders are going to be amended if we are introducing a women’s officer

New committee elections

TMC: Should make clear the distinction between International AND Racial equalities officers

DM: I will organise the hustings but will need JCSU to man the ballot throughout the day. Also am keen to record the hustings and post to the JCSUtube.


Decided to host hustings on Saturday and voting on Monday, with JCSU handover to follow

Meeting with the college dean

DM: Exchanged many emails before arranging to meet the Dean with SG, AG and Geoff Parks. He agreed that he would publish on JNET the standardised punishments for parties, he does use protocol. Also enquired about records of punishments but these are kept very secure for legal reasons

TK: Should really send an email round college from JCSU to clarify what the rules are

DM: People need to be encouraged to  get party permits, Dean’s primary concerns are for health and safety, also that parties should end by 12

CJ: Seems very unfair to ban people from attending Matric dinner

SG: That was an isolated case due to time constraints, doesn’t want scholars to be given any special treatment

TK: We will run email past the dean before sending it out to college


HJ: Yearbooks look nice and professional (would be filled in interactively) but am going to send out a poll in order to gauge interest. Also this may well be in the time of next year’s committee so need to decide who will be the ‘editor’

Bike Lights

FV:  Would like to have a bike light giveaway but poundland are no longer doing bulk ordering so would need to source elsewhere. This will make it a lot more expensive, will our budget allow?

TMC: Submit a budget


End of meeting