Minutes- Executive Meeting, 27th October 2013



President- Cameron Brooks (CB)

Vice-President- Mary Carr (MC)

Treasurer – Ryo Harada (RH)

Secretary – James Davey (JD)

Services Officer – Kieran Wilson (KW)

Communications Officer – Adam Smith (AS)

Access Officer – Billy Haslam (BH)

Male Welfare Officer – Lloyd Hilton (LH)

Female Welfare Officer – Sarah Gales (SGa)

Disabilities and Mental Hea th Officer – Sarah Glew (SGl)

Green Officer – Matt Williams (MW)                                   

International and Racial Equalities Officer – Jantien Van Renterghem (JVR)

LGBT Officer – Alistair Bolger (AB)

Apologies for Absences

Ents Officers – Johnny Staunton Sykes (JSS) and Oli Shale (OS)

Meeting Starts


CB: Election of the JCSU Committee for 2014 to be held on 25/11/13, with the current committee to be required to man the ballot box throughout the day and start counting the votes at 8pm. Hustings to beheld on 23/11/13.

AS: Asks whether there is any truth in the rumours that an American-style electoral college system is going to be introduced to spice up the elections. Question not dignified with a reply.

CB: OGM needs to be held in the next two weeks, and the AGM shortly after.

RH: OGM needs to take place before the 17th.

CB: Suggests the 3rd November for the OGM. JD needs to book the Coleridge Room and send out an email notifying Jesuans. Meanwhile, the Student Affairs Committee will take place on 4th November at 14.15.

Vice President:

MC: Asks RH what the mark-up on this year’s stash order needs to be. Last year the mark-up was 15%.

RH: Just needs to cover the c.£750 required for next year’s JCSU stash.

MC: Order form to be sent out next week. Onesies, the flagship policy of MC’s by-election victory, are being sourced from a different company as they can be bought for much cheaper from this second company. Deadline for orders to be 15th November.


RH: Societies’ budget requests are in, cumulatively £2000 over the current limit, but RH looking into ways to get his hands on last year’s budget surplus.


JD: Will contact the Careers Service shortly in order to organise a presentation in college as part of the JCSU initiative to improve the provision of careers’ advice to Jesuans.


BH: The Alternative Prospectus is ‘nearly done’ (apparently BH’s stock line in JCSU meetings). He just needs to finish the student profiles, MW has not yet written his. Trials for the college University Challenge team, for which BH is the question-master, to be held a week on Monday.

CB: Asks whether he is going to email a sign-up sheet around college.

BH: Intends to simply wing it on the evening and divide the applicants into groups to be tested in on the evening.


SGa: Free bike light giveaway went well. CUSU is currently implementing a change in its provision of sexual health welfare, with the C-Card scheme being scrapped and colleges to receive condoms direct from CUSU. The newly established Games Night is running well.


MW: In the final stages of returning the college to Fair Trade Status.

MC: Asks the obvious question of when, if ever, arguably the Green Officer’s most important responsibility of organising Fair Trade Football is going to take place.

MW: Answers in the next few weeks, but in a manner so lacking in conviction that it’s clear not even he believes that.


AS: Needs Welfare, LGBT, Access, and RH’s contributions to the website before it can go online.

International and Racial Equalities:

JVR: Jesus Internationals went for a dinner last night and are attending formal at Pembroke next week. Pembroke are coming to Jesus the week after, and an event with Girton is also potentially in the pipeline. The international social scene is sounding livelier than ever.


AB: Is waiting on replies to some of his emails before he can confirm upcoming social activity.


KW: Gym Committee is meeting in the next few weeks. Jokingly recommends that Jesuans rise up against sauce prices in caff.

MC: Declares that she would be the perfect figure to lead this boycott, as she has an entrepreneurial past in selling ketchup at school.

LH: Suggests a campaign of civil disobedience, but is obviously joking – this gravy-loving Mac Lad wouldn’t let ketchup near his chips, so is relatively unaffected by the issue.

Disabilities and Mental Health:

SGl: Has received complaints about how slowly the university mental health service replies to students who get in contact with them.

CB: Says that the issue can, should, and will be raised at CUSU Council.

SGl: Will contact Geoff Parks to add his voice to the appeal to the university mental health service.