03/03/2015 Minutes

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3-2-15 Minutes

Minutes - 21/01/2015

The minutes for the JCSU Committee meeting on the 21st January, 2015.


JCSU Committee meeting, 12/01/2015

Present: the President (Amatey Doku), the Vice-President (Ruby Stewart-Liberty), the Treasurer (Christina Lane), the Secretary (Freddie Valletta), the Services Officer (Aiden Goulden), the Communications Officer (Caroline Sharp), the Access Officer (Tom Hogg), the Green Officer (Tansy Branscombe), the Ents Officers (Xanthe Fuller and Amelia Oakley), the Male Welfare Officer (Ben Simpson), the Female Welfare Officer (Daisy Eyre), the Mental Health and Disabilities Officer (Harrison Packer), the International Officer (Marina Mayer), the LGBT+ Officer (Anthony Wheeler), the Women’s Officer (Eleanor Kashouris) and the Racial Equalities Officer (Nadine Batchelor-Hunt).
1. Committee reports of actions since handover
AD - been in contact with various people over small queries they had and would like to remind the committee about the buffet lunch with college staff next Monday (19th January).
RSL - started preparation for the 2nd year’s halfway hall, received the second stash order but says it is the previous Vice President’s responsibility to distribute, yet to receive vital documents and contacts from the previous Vice President.
CL - just successfully completed her handover with the previous Treasurer.
FV - been in contact with various people over small queries they had as well as organising the committee meeting.
AG - will be attending a pre-ballot meeting with the Housing Dept.
TH - helped MM with the arrival of Pomona students, organising the Shadowing Scheme dinner at Jesus and attending the CUSU Access forum this week.
TB - approved the new CUSU Green Policy.
XF and AO - organising the bop for this coming Saturday, sorting out the term’s ents timetable.
BS and DE - currently writing a comprehensive guide to welfare for students, raising welfare awareness to Freshers, sending out first welfare email soon.
DE looking into organising self-defence classes if there’s enough interest.
HP - emailed college about an internship opportunity for disabled students, writing first fortnightly email to college about beating the winter blues, organising Time to Talk Day (5th February).
MM - welcomed Pomona students and toured them round Cambridge, updating the international students mailing list.
AW - organised an LGBT+ pub crawl for 12th January, a formal at Downing in February and a grad mixer, organising events for LGBT History Month (February).
EK - written the Women’s Officer description for the constitution, organised a women’s dinner for 9th March, spoken to DE about bathroom bins.
NBH - spoken to the Senior Tutor about him being the first port of call for reporting racial abuse, organising an ethnic food formal.

2. Matters arising

(a) JCSU Constitution and Standing Orders updates
AD proposed that the JCSU Constitution and Standing Orders should be updated as they were last reviewed in 2009. This would include updating outdated information and making them gender neutral. AW reported that he has already drafted up some changes to the Constitution and Standing Orders to make them gender neutral and reminded the committee on how the changes get agreed on. For the Constitution it needs to be passed at an OGM, a referendum voted by college students and then at College Council. For the Standing Orders, they need to be passed at two OGMs. For the updating of outdated information, AD suggested organising a small meeting for JCSU members (AD, TH, HP, MM, RSL, CL, AG, AW, FV and CS) to amend details and then getting a non JCSU student to independently review the changes. Either the student College Council representative or another college’s JCR president were suggested as good independent reviewers. It was decided that the committee should all have a read of the Constitution and Standing Orders and that AD would get back to those involved in the small meeting.

(b) Rent rise approval
AD reported that the committee needed to approve the 1.7% rise in rent proposed by the Bursar. It was agreed that this was fair and that AD would report back to the Bursar.

(c) JCSU annual survey
AD proposed to carry out the annual survey towards the end of Lent Term. It was agreed that closer to the time last year’s survey would be looked at and necessary changes would be made.
(d) ‘Listening’ and being engaged
AD requested ideas and suggestions as to how the JCSU could engage with the rest of college. AW reported that mailing lists (for example the International or LGBT+ mailing lists) and small discussion groups were great ways to get college students engaged. BS suggested that at the first welfare cake session that the entire JCSU could attend in order to get their faces known. DE and BS reported that the JCSU Welfare Facebook page would be brought back into usage and CS raised the point that all the JCSU Facebook pages (Freshers, Welfare and Ents) as well as the JCSU Twitter could benefit from increased awareness. AG proposed the idea of an anonymous suggestion box in the Marshall Room or an anonymous suggestion form on the JCSU website or JNet. AD suggested that there needed to be an improved dialogue with the Catering Dept. especially over Caff and dietary info, TB reported that there is often not enough dietary info on food and that staff weren’t sure over dish ingredients. It was decided that TB would look into the Catering Dept.’s vegetarian policy, AG would find out how to increase dialogue with the Catering Dept. and that DE, BS and CS would take the necessary steps to raise the JCSU’s profile on social media.

(e) Website changes CS reported that the college website is under review at the end of February and requested ideas about changes to layout and content.
TH suggested that the college’s Student Room and CUSU Alternative Prospectus web pages need to be updated and also requested ideas. It was reported that the College Website and JNet were very out of date, that it was difficult to find what you wanted due to a complicated layout and did not contain certain vital bits of information (eg welfare contacts and info, society presidents’ contacts). TH reported that the college’s Student Room and CUSU Alternative Prospectus web pages were both out of date and contained negative information about the college. He proposed that they needed to be updated with current statistics, info, photos and videos as these websites often attract students to apply to Jesus. AO offered to help shoot and edit a video as she had already helped her sister create one for Murray Edwards. AD suggested getting the college on board for financial backing. It was decided that the welfare team would provide CS with the info to update the JNet welfare page and FV would provide a list of society president’s contact details. It was also decided TH would email relevant committee members to request input and info for the other websites and would talk to Dr Rutter and the Schools Liaison Officer and request more input.

(f) Women’s Officer AD proposed a brief discussion about this role and what EK envisages it to be, for the clarity of the rest of the committee.
EK reported that her role entailed representing women as a whole. She would be responsible for liaising with the CUSU Women’s Campaign. It was reported that DE and EK would attend the CUSU Women’s conference on 18th January. EK also reported that she doesn’t think men should vote for the position (as is currently the case) but believes that women in college should be able to express their opinions as to whether they think men should be allowed to or not. BS raised the point that men could dominate the vote (due to the larger proportion of male students in college) if it went ahead but AW believed that men would not necessarily vote even if they had the opportunity to. It was decided that EK would do a survey amongst her mailing list to get views on whether men should be allowed to vote.

(g) How letters from college are addressed
EK feels that letters from college to parents are addressed in an inappropriate way and reported that a meeting with the Development Office has been arranged for 20th January in order to look into it further as they don’t want it to become an issue. AD and EK to attend the meeting.

(h) ‘No Bystanders’ campaign
AW proposes to run the Stonewall campaign 'No Bystanders' within college. The campaign proposes to get rid of insensitive and bullying language through people calling others up on it when the language is used. AW reported that he has already got the support from Geoff Howe and Tori McKee and proposes to get more college staff involved, especially the Master. AW proposed to email college, put posters up, raise awareness on social media through photos and videos and make a pledge event that could be combined with Welfare Cake one week. This proposal received the support of the committee.

(i) International formal swap
MM proposed to run an international formal swap with St Catherine’s and requested ideas for the organisation of the event. AW offered to talk to MM separately as he has had experience of organising formal swaps.

(j) Recycling
TB reported that there was a motion last year (which was passed) to put food waste bins in Malcolm Street houses and that it wasn’t going ahead due to health and safety issues. TB also proposed to put a bin for recycling plastic bags in the Marshall Room which she would empty. TB to email porters for confirmation.

(k) Ents
XF and AO proposed to run a pub crawl this term and requested ideas as to how to organise and lead it. It was decided that they would have a separate meeting with AG, FV and AW to discuss as they have had experience of running one. XF and AO also requested the committee’s help with setting up and clearing up events like bops which was agreed on. XF and AO to email FV with the ents term card to put in the next agenda once dates and times have been confirmed with college.

(l) The John Hughes Art Festival (JHAF)
AD and CL felt that JHAF should get JCSU endorsement and financial help and requested that RSL to report on the financial situation of JHAF as she has involvement with it.
RSL reported that the organisers had been to see the college Bursar who said that the JCSU Enterprise account could be used to contribute to the festival. The current JHAF budget comes from Jesus College Arts Council (£500), a £2 subsidy on the masquerade formal ticket sales (£204) and other various things sponsored by college. The proposed costings on top of those already covered by their current budget are a worst case scenario and are subject to change following a JHAF Committee meeting on 13th January. They sum to a worst case scenario total of around £1,000 (including a drinks reception in the Forum costing around £300) but will likely be less. AD reported that a budget change would have to be approved at an OGM which there was not time for before the festival started, however AG reported that money taken out of the JCSU Enterprise account does not need to be passed at an OGM. AG suggested that the money donated from the JCSU Enterprise account to JHAF is then added to the budget and the change proposed at the next OGM then, if passed, the money would be put back into the Enterprise account. It was decided that RSL would organise a separate meeting with CL and other relevant people once final costs had been decided.

(m) Bar quiz
FV felt that there were not enough volunteers from the 2014 JCSU Committee to run the bar quiz each week at 8pm on a Saturday evening and proposed that this year every committee member should run at least one. FV reported that running the bar quiz is the responsibility of the JCSU and proposed to write up a rota so that people knew well in advance when they had to run the quiz. TB suggested that the college should be made more aware of the charity that the money goes to. AW requested a slot in February for LGBT month and that the money should go to Stonewall. It was decided that FV should create a Google document for committee members to sign up to.

(n) Student assistants
Mark Zaki proposed that student assistants should be introduced within college. AD reported that the Senior Tutor requires a letter of endorsement from the JCSU to trial this scheme in the Engineering Dept. TH reported that the student assistants would be students in the year above who could help those in the year below with academic issues in an academic training sort of role. This doesn’t happen so much within the college parent scheme and it is good to give people experience in a teaching role. AD suggested that it may not work in some subjects due to syllabus changes or large choices of modules and EK said it could give some students a significant advantage due to the inevitable difference in abilities of student assistants. It was decided that AD would write a letter of endorsement to the Senior Tutor.

(o) Meeting times It was decided that the JCSU meetings should occur every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm in the Library Court Seminar Room.
DE reported that the provisional times for Welfare drop in sessions were on Monday evenings.

3. Any other business
(a) Facebook or meeting worthy AD reminded the committee that smaller issues could be discussed on the JCSU Committee Facebook page, whereas larger items could be discussed in the meetings themselves.

(b) Channel Islands ‘international status’ TB reported that students who reside in the Channel Islands have ‘international status’ as they pay increased fees however they do not get the benefits of being an international student (formals, swaps etc). MM suggested that she emailed the entire college to ask if people wanted to be on the international mailing list.

(c) Welfare budget queries NBH queried how the £2,000 welfare budget was split between the officers on the welfare team. AW reported that each officer on the welfare team (Disabilities and Mental Health, International, LGBT+, Women’s, Racial Equalities) had an unofficial budget of £100 each which was taken out of the £2,000. However it is at the discretion of BS and DE to decide how much each officer would get. FV reported that last year, any money that the welfare team wanted for events they would get due to the size of the welfare budget.

(d) Minimum caff card top up on JNet NBH queried the minimum caff card top up of £40 on JNet and said that people may not be able to top up that much right at the end of term due to financial reasons. AG reported that this large minimum top up was due to the high cost of debit card processing. AW reported that students can top their caff card up in the bar where the minimum is £20 and suggested that students could be made more aware of this fact. AG said that he’d check with the bar staff before publicising this fact as well as making the request with the relevant people that the minimum JNet top up should be lowered.

(e) JCSU website biographies CS reminded the committee that certain members still needed to write their biographies for the JCSU website including relevant info and their JCSU email address. AO offered to take individual photos for this which could also be used for the JCSU grid of faces which would go up on the JCSU noticeboard and in kitchens on freshers’ staircases. FV to organise.

AD thanked the members of the Committee for a very helpful and successful meeting.
The meeting closed at 5.00pm

JCSU AGM Minutes 13/11/2014

Committee Present:

Danny McGrath (President)

Hazel Jackson (Vice President)

Theo Morris Clarke (Treasurer)

Rebecca Zhao (Secretary)

Dan Hunt (Services)

James Swaden and Kitty Grady (Ents)

Jane Baxter (Green)

Anthony Wheeler (LGBT)

Freddie Valletta (Male welfare)

Aiden Goulden (Access)

Sarah Glew (Mental Health and Disabilities)

Charlotte Jackson (Female welfare)

Katherine Lee (International and Racial affairs)

Julien Cohen (International and Racial affairs)

Tim Kitching (Communications)


+Richard Dennis (Senior Treasurer to the JCSU)


Meeting begins (quorum present)

1. Reports of executive's activities over the year

DH: Organised the societies' photos, housing ballot, been meeting with IT throughout the year to improve systems in college

TK: I have only been in this job this term as was elected in the by election, made the grid of faces for freshers' week and have made the weekly bulletin

KJ and JS: We have also only been in the job for this michaelmas term, Organised the week 5 fiesta joint with the welfare team, have had 2  bops with the christmas one to come, in the process of  organising a freshers play, christmas bop and christmas formal seating plans

AW: Welcome letter to freshers, arranged the parenting scheme, LGBT pub crawl, swap as well as doing general welfare

JB: Fairtrade fortnight, various charity events and also ran the green impact scheme in college

CJ and FV: distribution of sexual health supplies, helped with sexual consent workshops, exam term doughnuts and bouncy castle

HJ: Halfway hall, Attended CUSU meetings, currently organising stash, helped out with CUSU elections and exploring the possibility of getting a yearbook

TMC: Written a lot of cheques, drawing up budget, sitting on various college committees

DM: CUSU council, organising Freshers week

JC: International officers welcomed visitors from America, setting up socials (swaps with other colleges)

SG: Pilates and mindfulness schemes, time to talk day, trying to get a college counsellor which has been showing progress

AG: Ambassadors, CUSU shadowing scheme, college children scheme, prospectus, helped train new Access and Schools' liaison officer

BZ: Organised JCSU meeting bookings, agendas and minutes, societies fair and acted as societies liaison

2.The JCSU Annual Budget


TMC: The only change which has been added since the last meeting was the Education society which I missed previously, who have now been allocated £200

BZ: What will this money be going towards?

TMC: Speakers coming to visit

DM: Propose a motion to pass the annual budget

Yes:  27

(No objections)

3.Ordinary motions

  • Revision of voting rights for International Students Officer

Only students that identify themselves as international should be allowed to vote for the International students officer

The JCSU notes

International students face unique challenges at our university and the JCSU has an international students officer that 'shall be responsible for the needs and concerns of international students within the college' (JCSU constitution). The JCSU has recently accepted that voting for certain positions can be exclusive to the group they represent

The JCSU believes

That the international students officer should represent the international students of the college and that this should be represented in the election procedure

The JCSU resolves

Only students that identify themselves as international are allowed to vote for the international students officer

Proposed by: Niklas Ek

Seconded by: Zak Walters

NE: Considering the emerging electoral structure of the JCSU, this change ensures that the international students are fully supported

AW: This is the reason why we have an international officer. I think we should be an inclusive environment, open and friendly. I don't believe the womens' officer should create a trend for other positions on the JCSU. I don't see the problem with everyone being able to vote for that

NE: Feel like there should be a uniform response to minorities on the college, we should be consistent

JC: I don't think women in the college should be referred to as a minority

EB: Could we not have the role be open to only those representative of that group

JG:  Could someone please clarify the role of the International Students' Officer?

JC: Main role is helping international freshers to adapt when they come here, moving here can be a huge change. Also nice to have an international community for people going through that big change. Mainly a welfare role.

AW: The LGBT officer is open to voting by all members of college

HL: It would be very wrong to ask people to identify as LGBT, not really the case with international

TK: International events are open to all students,  what about Erasmus/ Pomona students who wouldn't be able to vote, who are still represented by the international officers

JC: Indeed most people we help can't actually vote for the position

NE: It's the same for the freshers, we focus on a particular group as in the constitution

TMC: Is it not worrying that in a democratic institution one group gets more representation than another?


For: 4

Against: 17

Abstentions: 6

  • Changing the title of the LBGT officer.

The JCSU notes:

The given title in the JCSU constitution is ‘LBGT Students’ Officer’

The JCSU believes:

1. The title should be changed constitutionally to the more common arrangement of the letters: LGBT.

2. The title of the role should also include a +, making the title LGBT+ Students’ Officer.

The JCSU resolves:

To change the title of the role to LGBT+ Student’s Officer.

Proposed by: Anthony Wheeler

Seconded by: Charlie Benson


AW: In the constitution the wording is wrong, we should also add a '+' as in other colleges, making it more inclusive

For: 27

End of meeting

JCSU OGM Minutes- 4/11/2014

JCSU OGM Minutes- 4/11/2014

Committee Present:

Danny McGrath (President)

Hazel Jackson (Vice President)

Theo Morris Clarke (Treasurer)

Rebecca Zhao (Secretary)

Dan Hunt (Services)

James Swaden and Kitty Grady (Ents)

Jane Baxter (Green)

Anthony Wheeler (LGBT)

Freddie Valletta (Male welfare)

Aiden Goulden (Access)

Sarah Glew (Mental Health and Disabilities)

Charlotte Jackson (Female welfare)

Katherine Lee (International and Racial affairs)

Julien Cohen (International and Racial affairs)


Apologies for absence:

Tim Kitching (Communications)


Start of meeting

Reports of member's activities since last meeting:

JS&KG:  Had 2 bops, been organising the Welfare-joint-ents event for week 5, comedy smoker and hopefully a freshers play is on the cards. Christmas bop in the last week of term

JB:  Organised veggie formal, green impact, met with domestic bursar about food waste bins. They have concerns about mice as people might not clean them out

SG: Freshers' stuff, liaising about counselling, helping to organise next week's events

CJ and FV (welfare): Helped organise freshers week, sexual consent workshops, Movember

HJ: Freshers week, currently organising yearbook and college stash

BZ: Organised committee meetings and societies fair

DM: Organised freshers week, Wesley house committee with architects, getting a new JCR, talking to the dean about disciplinary action

TMC: Did the end of year accounts for the JCSU, drawn up the annual budget, sold gowns to freshers

AG: Preparing the CUSU shadowing scheme, helping to train the schools liaison officer, rewriting the prospectus (photo competition)

JC: We've been welcoming Freshers and Erasmus students, answering queries, helped welfare team, social events across university

AW: LGBT and biscuits, signed Jesus up to university wide pub crawl, swap, welfare

DH: Societies photos, working with IT department to sort out Eduroam problems


Any questions for the committee?


JC:  Completion date on Wesley house?

DM: Phase 1 scheduled for completion before freshers week next year (although currently dealing with some council issues), this includes the JCR and bar/cafe. Phase 2 (auditorium and gym) has to wait for further funds


TMC: Rather than running through each item on the budget will just mention any significant changes since last year. Access are no longer being funded by college and need to have a new prospectus, Basketball have requested more for capital expenditure, Boat club have asked for more, MedSoc is quite contentious-  fairly large sum of money going now, Green is having more money as didn't have a budget in the past, Jesus ski team didn't either



TMC: Medsoc have requested money to fund student dinners provided that all members of college should be allowed to join

RA: Not just dinners, they fund talks in college with visiting speakers. And it's not just one dinner but several per term

TMC: Don't you think we're asking for too much

JS: How would this work with medsoc being open to all of college?

RP:  Tickets allocated on a first come first serve basis


TS: I propose an amendment to the budget to not fund Medsoc's student dinners


Against: 21

For: 27



Badminton budget should have been changed for £29 increase

TMC:  Sorry for the mistake, misread the email


Amendment to budget to increase badminton funding from last year by £29 past


Engineering Society

TMC: Any engineers present at meeting?

JC: Yes our funding is to pay for speakers to talk at dinners

TMC: Well its written in budget application that there is an end of year punting trip too

AG: Has in past been funded by the second years


TMC: Propose amendment to get rid of funding the punting trip



Against: 2

Abstention: 1


Jesus Singers

TMC:  Propose amendment to not fund pizza for Jesus singers?

No opposition


TMC: Everything we have discussed must be approved by the finance committee, so none of these decisions have been immediately carried

Voting for male/female welfare officers

SG: I feel like they work as a team, at least one of them might be your friend and it's nice to be able to turn to someone else. Roles are gendered but a lot of their roles are not exclusive. As male and female undergraduates may approach either officer freely with welfare or academic issues and many issues are not gender specific, both male and female undergraduates  should have a say in the choice of new officers.


AW: Same as fact that all member's of college have a say in the LGBT officer


For: 24

Against: 5

Abstention: 5

Motion passed

Women's officer

JY: I'm proposing this motion, many other colleges have a women's officer. I would focus on the college's sexual harassment policy, gender gap, attainment gap, organising consent workshops. Crucial that this is an autonomous position, would be too much to ask female welfare officer to do this too. The role of the female welfare officer as it currently stands is to provide individual support for women facing difficulties with regards to academic problems, sexual health, and emotional stress. There is not a position in place that represents women as a minority group within the college and university as a whole. Structural inequality faced by women is recognised by the vice-chancellor as a problem within universities, and it requires pro-active action. This role is therefore different to that of a female welfare officer, and combining the two roles would make the female welfare officer an impossible role to fulfil to a good standard.


JS: To what extent will the women's officer be part of the welfare team?

JY:  Women's officer will complement roles of the female welfare officer

AW: Would only self identifying women be able to vote?

JY: Yes

JC: Would like to amend this aspect of the role.

TMC: The JCSU is not political so how is this different from other types of campaigning?

JY: It would involve looking at policies in place and how they should be adjusted. It has been recognised that we need to be proactive in maintaining gender equality. It's all about representation.

RRM: I would like to support Jinan if male and female welfare officers are being voted for by male and females, a role just voted for my women should be preserved

SG: As a woman in Jesus college, there is a feeling amongst some women that this isn't a problem at all, women don't really want to be treated as a minority

AG: Also the attainment gap does not apply to Jesus college

TMC: CJ and FV, do you feel like these jobs are not possible within your existing position?

CJ: No it'd be too much, if there are some women in college who feel like they need a representative, they should have it even if they don't vocalise it

JS: Is this a permanent role, or does it have a goal to achieve only

JY: There would be no need for a women's officer once gender equality has been achieved

JA: LGBT role is voted for by all members of college so why should this be any different


JC: I would like to propose an amendment to the constitution so that everyone can vote for the women's officer, it's in both male and female interests to achieve gender equality. Men are interested in this issue, it's a question of democracy

RRM: Should just be a representative of women

JS: If we introduce a role only women can vote for, we are introducing structural inequality. Women are then represented on committee more

JY: The whole idea of having a women's officer is recognition of gender equality. Women have been shown to be disadvantaged. It is important to listen to women that we need this position. It is worrying that potentially a 'disliked women' might not get onto the committee because of the dominance carried by male votes




Against: 15





Against: 3


Changing the title of the LBGT officer

AW: Change from LBGT to LGBT+, this is more conventional and inclusive

JY: Why don't we have the q , people identify as q (LGBTQ+)

AW: Should be in keeping with CUSU and other colleges, also people identifying as q are included in the(+)

JY: Okay that seems fair so retract amendment


No objections

Motion passed




Any other business?



End of meeting


JCSU Committee meeting minutes - 27/10/2014


Danny McGrath (President)

Hazel Jackson (Vice President)

Theo Morris Clarke (Treasurer)

Rebecca Zhao (Secretary)

Dan Hunt (Services)

James Swaden and Kitty James (Ents)

Jane Baxter (Green)

Anthony Wheeler (LGBT)

Freddie Valetta (Male welfare)

Aiden Goulden (Access)

Sarah Glew (Mental Health and Disabilities)

Charlotte Jackson (Female welfare)

Tim Kitching (Communications)

Katherine Lee (International and Racial affairs)



Julien Cohen (International and Racial affairs)- Apologies sent


JCSU dinner with master

DM: Everyone keep 25th November free for this event, do we want to have lounge suit or black tie?

Committee: Black tie

Wesley House planning committee

DM: Ideally need 3 volunteers to help design the new JCR space, should be a day of meetings, date so far unknown

Dan, Aiden, Charlotte and Tim all volunteer


Societies photos

DH: Still some seem to be missing and so getting more printed off, some remain to be distributed


DM: Want to get this organised soon as will take a while

HJ: Intend to stick with supplier Mary used last year (Suffolk insignia) as quality was good. Probably won't order onesies this year as didn't sell many last year, potentially introducing a skinny tie?


OGM motions and Budget

TMC: Need to get budget done soon so ideally can we organise an OGM for later this week

BZ: Constitution wise need to give people 3 days and will have to check Coleridge room availability so probably next week is soonest

JS: Need to pay DJ for first bop (£70) so will forward invoice onto  Theo

SG: Going to also propose a motion for all members of college being able to vote for both male and female welfare officer

AG: May motion to disaffiliate from CUSU - don't like being associated with them

Week 5 welfare fun and formals

CJ: Keen to do a bacon event

JS: Too salty, what about vegetarians

HJ: Pancakes? But a faff to make, could organise with caff and then host in the marshall room

CJ: Budget wouldn't fund that

JK: Karaoke and food in the bar/ Coleridge room

SG: Issues selling food in the bar which isn't bought from college re Health and Safety

JS: Saturday night is ideal as people don't seem to have much going on

FV: Welfare team would be happy to help organise event

DM: Need a Harry Potter formal- close to Christmas

JS: Yes, Porter wants to get owls to fly around too

DM: Domestic bursar is the one to contact, also need to think about Christmas bop

SG: Santas grotto in it


DM: Need to organise an AGM for the week following the 6th Sunday of term, can we also get a working version of the constitution put on the JCSU website Tim? Standing orders are going to be amended if we are introducing a women's officer

New committee elections

TMC: Should make clear the distinction between International AND Racial equalities officers

DM: I will organise the hustings but will need JCSU to man the ballot throughout the day. Also am keen to record the hustings and post to the JCSUtube.


Decided to host hustings on Saturday and voting on Monday, with JCSU handover to follow

Meeting with the college dean

DM: Exchanged many emails before arranging to meet the Dean with SG, AG and Geoff Parks. He agreed that he would publish on JNET the standardised punishments for parties, he does use protocol. Also enquired about records of punishments but these are kept very secure for legal reasons

TK: Should really send an email round college from JCSU to clarify what the rules are

DM: People need to be encouraged to  get party permits, Dean's primary concerns are for health and safety, also that parties should end by 12

CJ: Seems very unfair to ban people from attending Matric dinner

SG: That was an isolated case due to time constraints, doesn't want scholars to be given any special treatment

TK: We will run email past the dean before sending it out to college


HJ: Yearbooks look nice and professional (would be filled in interactively) but am going to send out a poll in order to gauge interest. Also this may well be in the time of next year's committee so need to decide who will be the 'editor'

Bike Lights

FV:  Would like to have a bike light giveaway but poundland are no longer doing bulk ordering so would need to source elsewhere. This will make it a lot more expensive, will our budget allow?

TMC: Submit a budget


End of meeting



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